After meeting as grad students at Utah State University, Ryan and Rebecca knew that their futures would include a venture that could bring their mutual love of the outdoors and travel to others.

Ryan, who holds a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Management was most recently the Director of Outdoor Recreation at Montana State and spent many years as a raft and fishing guide and ski patroller. Rebecca who holds a PhD in Watershed Sciences works as a fluvial geomorphologist (aka river scientist). She has studied river systems in diverse settings from the Adirondack Mountains to Peru.

Through our travels, we have kept an eye on what matters most to us: surrounding ourselves with exceptional people, quality time in the outdoors, and a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. In 2016, our life-long dream of sharing those things with others became a reality when we purchased the Wilder Farm Inn.

The passion we share for delicious food, good conversation, and comfortable spaces are evident in all aspects of the inn. Together with our daughter Iris, and dogs Rosie & Fletch, we welcome you to the Mad River Valley and look forward to your visit to the farm.