Committed to Environmental Sustainability 

We keep a keen eye on our impact upon the world around us. When we purchased the Wilder Farm Inn, we made a commitment to ourselves, and our guests, to build a business based on good environmental practices. Everyday we are fortunate enough to work and play in the idyllically beautiful Mad River Valley and find it important to preserve it for our daughter and future generations.  

Major Environmental Initiatives

Going Solar!

Coming Soon. Wilder Farm Inn, partnering with Vermont-based Sun-Common, will break ground on a solar panel project that doubles as our covered parking area for guests! We are working with Suncommon to get a large covered parking bay for the Inn that will include 3 Electric Vehicle charging stations. Upon completion, we will be the producing as much energy as we use, and will have the largest EV charging capacity in the area!! You can now plan on bringing your electric vehicle from nearly any destination and rest comfortably knowing it will be fully charged and waiting in the morning. 


Renewable Resources

We are investing in efficiency upgrades to our property to ensure that we rely less on oil-based resources, and more on renewable resources. Efficiency Vermont has helped us to tighten our building's thermal envelope to ensure that little is wasted within our heating and water systems.

Other Initiatives Around the Inn

  • We compost organic waste to reduce our contribution to the local landfill.
  • Our chickens provide ultra fresh, free range organic eggs for our breakfast dishes, and help us to fertilize the property.
  • We offer clean, filtered well water from every faucet, and we encourage our guests not to bring bottled water.
  • Encourage guests to participate in saving water by reusing towels and linens. 
  • Provide recycling receptacles for guests 
  • Source many ingredients locally...from as close as our backyard!